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13-year-old Ladarius Spivey ranks up position in the Marion Police Department.

Marion, MS - The Marion Police Department and people in the community gathered to celebrate Ladarius Spivey on his promotion to Honorary Major of the Marion Police Department. Ladarius was only 10 years old when he was sworn into the Police Department.

“This is something that he’s always wanted to do, so I get happy, and I’m overjoyed because he never complains about anything,” says Patricia Ickem.

Ladarius suffers from brittle bone disease, but he refuses to let that stop him from fulfilling his dreams with Marion Police, which his mother, Patricia Ickem finds very encouraging. “It’s not because of your age, it’s not because of how big or small you are, God is capable of doing anything that your heart desires to do.”

According to Chief Randall Davis, Ladarius’s accomplishments serve as motivation, to not only him but others as well. “You know, this policing job is just not just to protect and serve, it’s also reaching out and letting people know we care about them also.”

Ladarius’s impact was definitely shown as many acknowledged his outstanding achievement at such a young age, Meridian Resident Rodney Moon expressed his gratitude. “Supporting the young man in all that he does, and I’m just impressed with the young man.”

When asked for an interview on how it feels to move into his new position, Major Spivey was too overjoyed to speak, however, he thanked friends and family for coming out to support and honor his new position

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