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Safe driving campaign

State Farm insurance has begun a campaign again that hopes will influence teens to strive for safety in driving.

The campaign is called Celebrate My Drive, and Jeffery Wilson who has his own state farm branch says that schools compete by creating a safe driving video. The winning school wins a $100,000 grant.

“State Farm really supports the community and one way we serve the community is to advocate safe driving for teens. That first year of driving is crucial to teens to learn their driving skills, and not to be distracted by other things that can take place in a car such as the cell phone or other passengers.”

Wilson says he has a full understanding of what bad things can happen behind the wheel because of his profession.

“The worst thing for any parent is to learn that their child has had an accident so we try to prevent that. As an insurance agent, we all want out premiums to be as low as possible, but we know that those beginning years is where most accidents happen. We want this to be a mindset for the kids as well as the parents.”

Amy Minor is a school teacher for enterprise high school and she says that what state farm is doing a great opportunity.

“Enterprise high school believes in the message of 2n2. Two hands on the wheel, two eyes on the road. It promotes safe driving for teens, and along with the message is the opportunity for our school to win $100,000. We jumped on that opportunity and we submitted a 30 second video that’s produced by teens. We also involved the community.”

Currently enterprise high school is the only school in the entire state of Mississippi ti qualify to win the grant money. But there is still requirements to be met.

“Go to celebratemydrive.com and then click to vote and then it’s broken down by state. Choose Mississippi, and enterprise is the only school in Mississippi that qualified.”

Ben Lockridge, Fox 30 News.


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