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Avian flu

“The influenza and animals like people occur in the winter time and this is a big concern because of the fall migration. And its occurrence and influenza hit the united states in 2015 and was up in Minnesota and Iowa and that was in the spring those ducks got into the wildlife population are now headed south.”

H5n2 is a problem for all avian species, especially towards chickens where it’s a big concern in the poultry realm right now. Dr. stayer of Sanderson farms explains the measures him and his team are taking this season here in the south.

“Particularly right now we have asked our growers to consider that anytime they want between the houses, they did not wan to to step in they carry in the kitchens. so in every house we have footpads that they can put their feet in to disinfect the surfaces. we also have taken another step beyond that and also have footwear for each house. So even though when they go from house to house they will not be wearing the same footwear from across the yard.”

The avian influenza can influence Mississippi’s economy, but the poultry association is taking all the steps to prevent that from happening.

“Well the biggest concern is just from an economic standpoint about how this disease can impact our state. Earlier in the year the outbreak resulted in over 200 poultry farms being affected mainly in minnesota and iowa. 49 mill birds being affect. And over a billion dollars’ worth of money being spent to address the disease. its primarily an economic disease and a disease that impacts farmers."

“Farmers are paid about 2.7 billion dollars every year to raise those chickens. the total economic impact, when you add the farmer part, the processing, the people that are paid by the industry to, and the things that they buy, the total economic impact on the state is about 20 million dollars.”

From the governor’s office down to the commissioners agriculture department, the poultry association is working together to ensure a quick and safe response if need be.

“There is no human health concerns as of yet. That being said, CDC is watching this virus to make sure it does not change. and so far there is no indication that is has changed, they have gone through mamommolian modules to make sure it not like mammols and it does not like mamommals yet, so that is a concern, but right now there has been no human health concern at all.”

Watson assures the public that each processing plant has an inspection program to ensure that the chickens are healthy, safe, and wholesome to eat.


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