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New facility on UWA campus

Out of over 500 applicants UWA was awarded as one of 12 nationwide for a $50,000 grant. The grant is awarded to schools who show commitment to active learning strategies and engaging students in the classroom.

“You get more out of the class than if you were in a basic class. When you are in a basic class you more likely to fall asleep, especially having an early class at 10:10. Just seeing the colors you have more encouragement to learn.”

The college of education has implemented the 5e lesson plan model.

“To engage your students at the beginning of the lesson, then giving your students the opportunity to explore. Then bring your students back together to explain and discuss what they found. Allow them to elaborate by taking it to the next level by applying what they’ve learned. The fifth part of that plan is to evaluate. ”

The room is equipped with an eknow board, projector, computers, charging stations and furniture that allows the room also transforms with ease.

“We can move from lecture mode to group mode so that can discuss with one another. Then to discussion mode which is a big circle. So I can say get into your groups and within 15 seconds they can move all the furniture.”

Hocutt says that the room is not just a benefit to the college of education, but the entire campus.

“We teach our faculty fellows about that model and encourage them to use it in their teaching. This is not just for the college of education, but we are hoping for a paradigm across campus.”


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