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LOVE's kitchen uses venison

Donated by the hunters for the hungry fund, the deer meat is used in 4 of the 6 lunch meals served each week at the kitchen.

“We use the deer meat just like you use ground beef. I’m pretty sure most of our clients don’t even realize they’re eating deer meat. Because we make spaghetti. We make chilli. Sometimes we get sausages donated, but a lot of them get it turned into the ground deer meat. We do salisbury patties with it. We’ve done shepard’s pie with it.”

Deer meat, however, has to be processed before it can be used to cook meals.

“If you’re not one of the hunters who’s going out and killing the deer, maybe you can be one of the people who helps pay for the processing of the deer.”

Johnson explains why donating to the kitchen is so important.

“We are that place where the clients come that need a meal. Sometimes they’re homeless. Sometimes they’re working. Sometimes it’s the older clients who are on fixed incomes and just don’t have money to make it through the month. And by coming here, they can go look for a job, they can go to school, they can take care of their families, because at the end of the day they’re not hungry.”

Right now the kitchen needs money to purchase perishable breakfast items such as milk and eggs.

“Somethings coming in bulk is good, but keeping them safe sometimes becomes an issue because we do have limited space. So if you donate money, we can always use what we need. And your money can go to use right away in a lot of cases instead of a can that may sit on the shelf for months considering we have 20,000 plus.”


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