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Southern Royalettes 1st annual dance competition

Meridian's local dance team, Pat Gray Academy's Southern Royalettes are hosting their first dance competition next Saturday, January 16th at Kemper County High School Gymnasium.

To celebrate their first anniversary, The Southern Royalettes are hosting The Buck it Down for the Crown dance competition.

“They've been seen on Lifetime on "Bring It", they've had competions in Memphis, Mobile and Alabama, but we've never hosted one as The Southern Royalettes of Pat Gray Academy. We wanted to go ahead and set the strandard for a competition,” said Southern Royalette coach, Yinessa Cacapit.

“I've been really about it considering that I am a senior and this will be my first and last one. I'm really looking forward to it. they are saying that a lot of special guest are coming, and I'm looking forward to who we are going have. I think it's going to be a great turnout," said senior Tanika Williams.

The team has accomplished a lot during their first year all around the country..

“For them to make it as far as they have in such a short amount of time, it's really remarkable that they've only been dancing one year. They got second place to a team who has been dancing for 15 years,” Cacapit said.

Categories for the competition include: creative dance, pom pom routine(where teams have to use pom poms for 80 percent of the rountine), duets featuring a younger dancer and older dancer, and what everyone looks forward to-- stand battles.

“Stand battles are really high intensity they stand there and look at each other like they want to fight, but they aren't really going to fight because they can't cross the line. Everything is find clean, but they really get to show that attitude without getting in trouble,” Cacapit said.

There will be ten teams from all over the south competing at Kemper County High School's gym. According to Cacapit have local dance teams are great assets to have in the community.

“Right now the schools don't have majoreete dance, so it's really important in the South to have majorette dance teams. It keeps them in the dance studio instead of at a guy's house or on the streets. They want to dance and they have to keep their grades up to dance too,” Cacapit said.

The competition begins at two o' clock in the afternoon and doors open at one o' clock. Tickets will be on sale at the door. For adults tickets are ten dollars and children 12 and under tickets are eight dollars.


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