Collinsville cleanup underway
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Collinsville cleanup underway

Most of the damage occurred in the Collinsville area. Along with First Baptist church’s devastating damage; West Lauderdale high school also sustained considerable damage.

Principal for the high school mike Ethridge says that he felt that closing the county schools was a wise decision.

Ethridge said that there was damage to the football field and other structures but is glad nothing worse happened.

Lauderdale county schools were dismissed today; and Ethridge said that on a free day he was surprised that some students chose to help clean up the campus.

Another area in Collinsville that greatly affected from Tuesday’s storms were several residents around Ross Collins Lake. County supervisor, Josh Todd says that he’s spent a good portion of the day assessing damaged areas.

Todd said that he too was inspired by how the community has reacted to the crisis.

So far emergency officials have reported no serious injuries or death.