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MSU tours renovated KRESS building

“Seeing it today in its grandeur and all of its wonderful equipment and furniture and classrooms, I’m just overwhelmed by it.” Keenum said.

The Rosenblum building houses MSU-Meridian’s kinesiology program and features state-of-the-art equipment, including the anatomage table.

The anatomage table provides an interactive virtual cadaver that allows students studying kinesiology, which is the science of human movement, to explore all parts of the human body. MSU-Meridian is the only college in the state with this device.

“We don’t have this same equipment, as I mentioned in Starkville for our students. So it’s almost an enviable position for a young person to come here and get their education in kinesiology because they’re going to have the best equipment there is for this field of study in our state. And I’m very excited about that, very thrilled.” Keenum added.

Another device in the building is the Dexa body scanner. The Rosenbaum facility, formerly known as the historic Kress building, was built to accommodate the growing health needs in the community and to help bring life to downtown meridian.

“We have made a commitment to help revitalize downtown meridian. So what better way to do that than bringing an educational opportunity, a campus, to downtown Meridian?”

Dale Cruse believes the new facility will encourage more people to enroll at MSU-Meridian.

“I like to say to students, why go someplace else when you can stay here, pay less, and earn more. so that’s what we’re interested in doing is finding ways to get that message to more students, partnering with community colleges, and seeing those students enroll here.”


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