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MHS student honored

Meridian High School senior John Thomas Goldman has been named a national merit scholarship finalist. the school presented him with a certificate in honor of this achievement.

“We are very proud to have one of those students here at meridian high school. John Goldman who has did an outstanding job from grade 9 through grade 12. and whenever a student strives in academics, of course we want to spotlight that student.”

To receive this honor, Goldman had to take the psat during his junior year, along with other high school students around the nation. his exam score in the top 1% placed him as a semifinalist in the national merit scholarship program, an academic competition for scholarships to college. his high sat scores and excellent grades in school qualified him as a finalist.

Goldman now has the opportunity to compete against other national merit finalists to become a national merit scholar.

national merit scholars receive scholarship money not only from the program itself, but also from colleges and universities. Goldman hopes to attend Texas A&M.

“They have a great aerospace engineering school. and they also offer lots of scholarships, especially for national merit.”

Goldman’s dad has some advice for parents who wish to help their kids excel.

“It’s important to try to explain to them that there’s life after high school and even after college. so, they need to try to understand what comes later in life and what they want their life to be like. and they have to lay out those exact goals of what it’s going to take to get there.”

Goldman has some tips for students looking to achieve as well.

“Work hard. it’s more hard work than anything else. Just keep persevering.”


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