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Heroin abuse

Alliance health center will examine the prevalence of heroin abuse at its “what’s new in addictions?” conference on Friday, march 11 at Northpark church. Cindy Dyess explains why it’s important to talk about heroin addiction.

“Because it affects so many people. it doesn’t affect just one type of population. it affects people that have a very low income to a very high income. it affects teenagers, adults, geriatrics. it’s a drug that everyone is starting to use.” She said.

Recent years have seen an increase in heroin abuse.

people addicted to prescription drugs are now using heroin instead due to its easier access and cheaper price.

“They were able to get prescription drugs in the past, and because of certain regulations, those drugs are harder to obtain and they are very expensive. some people don’t have insurance. and even if you do have insurance the co-pay is very high. so people are going to a less expensive types of drug so that they can continue their habit. they can get it easily online, or they can get it out on the street.” Dyess added.

The conference will explore the effects or heroin addiction on individual drug users as well as their families, and will discuss the different types of therapies that are available.

one goal of the conference is to help dispel the myth about heroin addiction.

“Addiction is a disease,” Dyess said. “It’s a disease just like a medical disease--your heart, diabetes, cancer. and so a lot of people will look down upon somebody that’s an addict. But they have a disease just like anybody else. and that disease can be treated. now, they need to make the choice that they want to stay in recovery and go through treatment in order to conquer that addiction. It is a choice, but it can be done.”

The event is open to the public and there is a $60 registration fee per person. social workers, licensed professional counselors, and Mississippi association of addiction professionals will receive 6 continuing education units of credit for attending.


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