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Next Age Mississippi

Methodist Senior services is on a mission to meet the needs of senior citizens living in Lauderdale county through a 1-800 number called Next Age Mississippi.

Next age Mississippi will be a toll free call center that senior citizens and their families can contact to learn more information about the support services that are available here in the community.

The company plans to launch to make the number available soon. The company partnered with Holleran consulting to learn more about the issues that elders currently face and the services they may need.

“Lauderdale county had a real high percentage of obesity. We had a high percentage of dementia. We had a high percentage of elders living in their homes alone. So these kinds of things are specific areas that we can address and have a plan for each area that we’re working on.”

Calling the number will help simplify the process of finding out information.

“Where can I get my roof repaired, by a reputable repair person, somebody who’s not going to rip me off? Where can I find what is the difference between Medicaid and Medicare, and how can I start signing up for that? Those types of questions come up all the time.”

Holleran says the number will alleviate the problems that the older generation sometimes has when using technology.

“Sometimes those folks have a hard time negotiating the internet, which is where you would naturally think to go. With dementia, remembering passwords and trying to figure out computers is hard. A 1-800 number just seems like a natural, easy way for people to access information, and to get on the phone with a human being who can actually help them negotiate through it.”

Meridian senior services plans to make the next age Mississippi toll free number available in the entire state.

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