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Rotary wine tasting fundraiser

The Rotary club of east Mississippi is determined to help Meridian youth become better readers and writers. To raise money for its youth literacy program, the club is hosting a wine tasting fundraiser on Thursday, May 12 at the Meridian Museum of Art. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

“You’ll get to come in and taste some great wines, socialize, and view some good art at the same time.”

All proceeds from the wine tasting will support the Rotary club’s between the lines reading program.

“The between the line reading program is a curriculum for 4-year-old kindergartners, which is really interesting because the state of Mississippi does not have a curriculum. And our rotary club sponsors for these classes, and that takes pressure off the teacher because, not only do the teachers today have to develop their own curriculum, they have to teach it. And with us supplying them with the curriculum, all they have to do is teach the program. And it’s a combination of dvds, books, learning tools, and activities.”

The club doesn’t have a fundraising goal, but hopes to raise enough money to fund the program, which costs between $600 and $1500 per class. The club currently sponsors four classes each year. Bucurel shares why the rotary club is passionate about promoting youth literacy.

“Nne of the teaching statements is that up until 3rd grade, children learn to read. And after the 3rd grade, children read to learn. The proven statistics say that if a child is not literacy functional by the third grade, by the time they reach adulthood, more than one third of them will either be incarcerated, unemployed, or on welfare. That’s how critical reading is. There are actually states that determine how many penal cells they need in prisons based on the illiteracy rates at third grade.”

The wine tasting fundraiser is $15 per person and $25 per couple. More information about where to buy tickets can be found on the club’s facebook page.

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