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2016 parent of the year

Due to its commitment to give parents the recognition they deserve, the meridian public school district named Terrence Roberts as the 2016 parent of the year. The announcement was made during last week’s school board meeting.

“It’s surreal. You don’t think you’ve done much. And so to be honored with something like that, you’re overwhelmed, and you’re really grateful. But then you’re looking and going, but i really didn’t do much.”

But he has done much according to the principal at northwest middle school, who nominated him for the award.

“He just exemplifies what we look for as far as parental support.”

As an active parent and teacher organization member, Roberts is dedicated to working in the school store.

“I come in in the mornings, every morning that I’m available. We set up, make sure kids have access to pencils and paper and snacks and things like that. Then we’re able to use that money to help provide for different things and activities the school might have.”

Roberts has been involved at northwest since his daughter began school there in 6th grade. She now attends high school, but Roberts commitment to Northwest continues.

“Even though my daughter is now at the high school, I said well I still have a kid over here that I’m mentoring, and I still really believe in the school, so I’m going to stay. And I’m going to stay involved and really get the store going into a vision i saw that it could be.”

Roberts hopes to get more students working in the store and plans to raise money for the school’s art education program. He shares why he thinks parents should be involved in school.

“In our community, our kids need to see positive role models. And truthfully, they need to see positive African American male role models. So me volunteering 30 minutes a day, just to be a positive influence, to laugh with a kid and remind him to pull his pants up, all of that is beneficial.”

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