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Relay for life

Thousands are expected to attend Lauderdale county’s relay for life event this Friday from 6 pm to 12 am, at Meridian Community College’s soccer and track field. Promoted by the Americian Cancer Society, the event is a fundraiser to end cancer.

“My family had cancer. So, you know, that’s how you get started. Someone you know, someone you love, has cancer and you want to help fight.”

The event will feature a walk, music, food, games, and activities.

“It’s kind of like a big party, where we celebrate people that are still with us, remember those that we’ve lost, and raise money for cancer research.”

Relay for life teams will came out and walk or run around the track, all in an effort to help fight cancer.

“We try to get somebody on the track at all times throughout the night. We want people to be constantly walking on the track for a cure.”

People are encouraged to stay on the track due to the idea that cancer never sleeps. There will be a survivor’s lap, a caregiver’s lap, and a candle-lighting ceremony. Raley says there’s still time for people to join the cause.

“There’s not a registration fee. You can have as many people on your team, or a team of 10 people. And you just raise money.”

All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

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