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Coates arrested

Marcus Dyron Coates, the 30-year-old man who police say stole jewerly from LaBiche jewelry store last week, is now in police custody after turning himself in.

“He came in Saturday and turned himself in. He saw himself on the news. We went to his last place of employment Friday to pick him up. He was supposed to be there to pick up his pay check. So just being on the news and word of mouth that we were looking for him, he came and turned himself in.”

The owner of the jewelry store reported that Coates was trying on a chain and bracelet when he suddenly ran out the store with the two items without paying. The jewelry pieces were priced at approximately two thousand dollars in total.

“No, we have not recovered the jewelry yet. He claims he sold it for drugs.”

Police say it’s not clear whether Coates was using or selling drugs. The owner of the jewelry store says she glad Coates turned himself in.

“I’m just really glad nobody got hurt. Nobody got hurt getting him arrested. I’m thrilled that he turned himself in and that the police department put the pressure on.”

Coates has received a $300,000 bond for 3 shoplifting charges.

“He will be charged with 3 counts of felony shoplifting; one of them is for LaBiche jewelers. One of them was for Jcpenny’s jewelry back on march 29th. Then one of them was for 24 krt which occurred the day before LaBiche did.”

LaBiche explains the jewelry store is ready to move forward.

“We are moving forward. This is mother’s day week. We got graduation coming on, so we’re just getting ready for all of that. We’ve reviewed the video. We’ll be making a few little changes to our policies and procedures. But that’s just natural after anything like this. You want to take a look at to see if there is anything you can do better, so we’ll continue to do that.”

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