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CPAS luncheon

Today during a luncheon at the Tommy E. Dulaney center, Meridian Community College rewarded high school students for their high achievement on a career and technical education state exam, known as CPAS. The test is given to students enrolled in 2-year programs that teach occupational skills.

“It’s programs that are career-bound. Such as health sciences, drafting, automotive technology. Teacher academy. There’s just a wealth of information and programs available to the students in county schools and at meridian public schools.”

Meridian Community College gave away awards and medals to high school students who scored 80 percent or higher on the exam.

One student shared her excitement about passing the test.

“I was really happy because it was a lot harder this year than I expected to be. So I was really glad.”

Another student explained why she enrolled in the health career program at her high school.

“I joined the program because I wanted to go into nursing. With that class you get to go to the hospital. You get to go to the clinics and basically you get to shadow everybody and kind of see a little bit of everything and know what you want to do.”

The director of Ross Collins career and technical center, which offers 12 different career programs for students, believes the programs will help students prepare for their future.

“Well, it’s a good opportunity for students to learn what they want to do in their future. And many of them go into our programs and find out they don’t want to do that in their future, and that’s OK to learn that in high school. But it gives them that extra leg and that extra edge they need for their future.”

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