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3-on-3 tournament

Adults showcased their skills in a 3-on-3 basketball shootout tournament Saturday to raise money to support the Boys and Girls Club of east Mississippi

“I mean it’s just a great day for basketball and for getting together and having fun.”

Kia of meridian, Budweiser, mugshots, and the city of Atlanta sponsored the tournament and gave away prizes.

“We’re given an opportunity to help some of the young people in the community through donations, sponsorship prizes, and get involved in activities that you never know what they could turn out to be.”

Utah Jazz NBA player Rodney Hood, who graduated from meridian high school, played in the tournament. He shares how being in the boys and girls club impacted him in a positive way.

“The boys and girls club meant a lot to me. You know, that’s where I grew up since I was like four years old. My dad kept me there. That’s where I met my best friends ‘till this day. I got extra work after school. It kept me out of trouble.”

Mayor Percy Bland also joined the game. He explains why such events are needed to support community organizations like the boys and girls club.

“They operate basically on the proceeds that they get from the community. You know, events such as these and fundraisers. That’s how they operate each and every year. So without local businesses, without the community support, they couldn’t do the things that they do programmatically.”

teams had to pay a registration fee to enter the game. All proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club of east Mississippi.

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