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New city logo in the works

Meridian will soon have a new city logo.

During today’s city council work session, council members and the Leading Edges advertising agency discussed the details of the latest design.

Meridian’s last city logo was used 25 years ago.

Since then the city has adopted the logo used by the county and the EMBDC to identify meridian. But city council members think it’s time for a change.

“We asked the advertising agency to come forward and bring us an idea that could represent the city. When they see the logo, they see Meridian Mississippi,” City councilman, George Thomas said.

Leading Edges started working on the logo in October. Yesterday they presented a design that incorporated the city’s sense of community and musical and industrial heritage.

Thomas explains why meridian needs a logo.

“When you think of the big apple, you think of New York. When you think of places like that, you just think of that city. We need that identification if we’re trying to lure tourists, if we’re working on economic development, we need something that can identify. Just like a high school, Meridian High School, you think of the wildcats,” He said.

City council members made one suggestion about the design.

“I would like possibly a slight change in the color. But the logo looked good to me,” Thomas added.

The council members hope to see the wildcat blue of Meridian High School included in the logo. The final design will be presented at a city council meeting.

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