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National nurses week

It’s national nurses week, and Anderson regional medical center is making their nurses feel extra special by recognizing the invaluable work they do each day.

“On a day-to-day basis, we are faced with many challenges. We take care of patients. We take care of family members. We provide compassion to our patients.”

The hospital hosted a breakfast for the nurses to celebrate their important role in health care.

Skinner, a charge nurse, was named employee-of-the-month last year for her outstanding care towards patients. She says she feels proud to give back and make a difference in people’s lives.

“I like the rehab. I like to see people get better. I like to see them smile.”

Skinner says the job isn’t always glamorous. It has its challenges, like dealing with insurance companies when it comes to patient care.

“They’ll say a patient in the hospital can stay x amount of days and that’s what you will get paid for. And oftentimes our patients are very sick, and they need more care than the days are allotted per the insurance group. So a challenge is getting your patient placed and what that means is to a rehab or to a skilled nursing facility to get them the extended care that they need.”

Nevertheless, she says that having a heart of compassion is what keeps nurses motivated to do their job. She explains why she believes it’s important to honor nurses everywhere.

“I think it provides nurses more encouragement to make patients better. To provide more care. To give them the ultimate care that they need because it gives them a driving force to make them want to do better to ultimately in turn help our patients.”

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