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Stamp out hunger

Meridian post offices join together to fight hunger through their 24th annual “Stamp out Hunger” food drive that starts tomorrow and lasts a week.

“This is one of the times that management and the employees are able to do a joint effort of making sure that we come together and meet a need for our community.”

The food drive is a part of a nationwide project sponsored by the national association of letter carriers. The project is designed to help replenish food pantries that typically get donations only during the holidays.

Last year over 70 million pounds of food was collected by postal workers nationally, feeding an estimated 30 million people.

However, Meridian postal workers collect big numbers as well.

“It has been a great success; I mean really, really great. We get about 13 to 20 thousand pounds a year, and we take it to organizations like Love’s Kitchen, Mustard Tree bargain.”

Childers encourages all residents to participate by donating non-perishable food items.

“We ask them to just leave it beside the box, if there is a bag or a box. Or we ask them to leave it inside the mailbox. And we just get it and put it on our trucks. Normally when we get back to the post office the organizations are there to help us unload it, and they take it on to the pantry.”

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