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Summer time blues

Bored teens may be at risk of engaging in destructive behavior according to a report by the national center on addiction and substance abuse at Columbia University.

“Teenagers, and people in general, like to be busy, like to have things to do. So when there’s not things going on or things to do, it’s difficult for them to find productive ways to spend their time. So a lot of times it does lead to trouble." Said Dr. Lee Lee Marlow.

Teenager, Julyn Shirley says she thinks there are activities for teens in the community. They’re just not advertised.

“I think there are opportunities if you’re willing to look for them. There’s not so much publicity about them. But if you know where to look or if you’ve heard about them, you can find stuff to do.”

The chief deputy of Lauderdale County explains that a lack of parental supervision may be the real reason why teens get into trouble.

“I think to blame the perception of their not being enough activities to correlate that with why young people get in trouble is not a fair assessment. If that were true, then why would young people who live in huge metropolitan areas get in trouble? There’s 10 things a day to do. It’s not so much about what there is to do as it is about, in my opinion, the supervision of that young person and the guidance of that young person.” Chief deputy Ward Calhoun said.

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