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Poplar Springs Elementary Arts Fest

Students at Poplar Springs Elementary school explored the arts today at the school’s 10th annual Celebrate Arts festival.

“There are many opportunities as we go through this day. Our students are learning and our staff is learning about various art forms.”

Students rotated around to different stations that each featured an artist demonstrating different art forms.

“We love this because students are up close and personal with artists, people who create art for a living and people who do this because this is what they love to do. So that’s a great opportunity for them to ask questions of artists.”

Students learned about drama, storytelling, music, and visual art.

“We are working with water color today. And we’re just doing some of the basic elements of visual art. We’re talking about line and shape and color.”

They also heard a special performance by the meridian high school choir.

“I like that they sang songs in different languages.”

A few showed off some of their moves in dance.

“We learned lots of positions. There was first position, 2nd position, and also rest position.”

Huff explains that the arts festival is way help students learn and express themselves through creativity.

“What we want children to see is that they too may be an artist in a different art form. But we also want them to be patrons of the arts as the grow up.”

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