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New shorter online classes at MCC

Starting this summer Meridian Community College will offer course credit that can be earned in a month.

The college is now offering shorter online classes to better accommodate students’ schedules.

“From feedback from students we heard that they were wanting to take classes that were shorter and that fit better with their schedule, but also still keeping with the high academic quality of courses that we are known for.” Haley Duck said.

The classes will be four weeks long and will be offered in a variety of subjects.

“Biology courses, economics, psychology, sociology, histories.” Duck said.

Duck clarifies that the shorter courses will have the same rigor as longer courses.

“In a 4-week class, students will still be able to get the same quality instruction that they would in a 15 or 18 week online class. Except, it’s just going to be condensed and a faster pace course.” She said.

Duck explains why more MCC students are choosing to take online coursework.

“We have a lot of students taking online classes just for the flexibility. Because if some students are working, or if they have family obligations, then they can’t come to school every day like the traditional student. So online classes definitely offer the flexibility of being able to learn the course material at home throughout the week.” Duck explained.

Duck says students can take one or two 4-week online classes during the summer semester and still maintain full-time status.

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