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Newton receives donation

United Givers fund of Newton county modeled the spirit of giving today by donating almost 50 thousand dollars to local service organizations.

“We raise money to help different organizations throughout Newton and Newton county, specifically those that help our young people—children, teenagers—certainly adults benefit as well.”

Each year united givers fund of Newton county gives donations to various service organizations in the community. The year over 30 different groups received funds.

“We received 21 hundred dollars. This is money that we count on every year, and donations from everyone, to keep our organization running, so we can provide quality family entertainment to our community.”

“As a nonprofit, we rely on these gifts that allows us to pay to keep camp open. So without camps like this we wouldn’t have summer camp, the boys wouldn’t get to come out and earn their merit badges and learn skills like leadership, character development. So it’s just an amazing gift that people of Newton county and other counties give us.”

The United Givers fund of Newton county partnered with the Newton chamber of commerce to distribute the funds. The two entities are working together to promote area growth.

“We are working really hard with linking everyone in the community: church organizations, individuals, business relationships. A lot of people think that the chamber works only with local businesses but we work with everyone in the community.”

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