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Memorial day service in Meridian

Residents honored American soldiers killed while fighting for freedom today during meridian’s memorial day ceremony held in front of the courthouse.

The names of fallen soldiers who are from the local area were read during the ceremony.

The ceremony also included wreath laying, a gun salute, and taps. Family members of fallen soldiers placed poppies in front of a memorial plaque, and the event’s guest speaker relayed the message that freedom is not free.

“Unfortunately, the nature of humanity is that men tend to fight. So there have been threats to our country on and off over the last 200 years. Fortunately, there are many, many Americans who have headed the call to defend what America stands for.”

He also stressed the importance peace. Over one hundred residents attended the event.

“A lot of people don’t know what it means that they should come out. Because these people have died for our freedom.”

“It’s the thing to do on memorial day, just to honor the fallen veterans that we have. You know we’re all a kinship. We all are one because we served and protected our country.”

“I’m a Vietnam vet and we are all brothers, fallen or not fallen. You know, we still got to uphold each other.”