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The demise of vaping?

Last month the Food and Drug Administration released new regulations regarding e-cig devices, that will require businesses to go through the pre-market tobacco applications process on every single product.

Bill Wikstrom who owns seven vape retails stores in Mississippi, says he as well as other vaping business owners are concerned about what that could mean for the future of their industry.

The biggest concern of business owners is the price of the PMTA; which has been speculated to cost anywhere from $300,000 to one million dollars. However, at this time no official dollar amount has been set in stone.

One thing is certain; every product must go through the application process or face prohibition.

The FDA’s reasons for new regulation is due to safety issues raised about the various vaping products; however, Wikstrom says that he believes the science is there to support the safety of vaping.

While business owners wait to hear more about the PMTA process; even customers worry that they may not have access to e-cig technology in the future.

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