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Possible reduction to Chief Dubose' salary

Mayor Percy Bland held a news conference today to address the city council’s upcoming vote to reduce police Chief Benny Dubose’s current salary by 15 percent.

Bland said city council president Randy Hammon added the vote item to tomorrow’s council meeting agenda, stating that the chief had poor performance in enforcing citations for indecent exposure, sagging pants, and noise ordinances.

“Chief Dubose knows his community. He has the heartbeat of this community and he has the love and respect and trust of this community. I stand behind the work he’s doing as police chief. So for me to have to get up tomorrow at the council meeting to discuss with any council member who’s going to vote to reduce his salary, i’m ready to do that, because he’s doing the job of the people of this city,” Bland said.

Bland added that the police department has been enforcing all city laws with a major focus on fighting violent crime.

He added that Hammon’s citation demands could lead to group profiling.

The mayor is asking residents to voice their concerns to council members.

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