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Child shot after altercation

Police were called to the 4500 block of 3rd street just before noon after hearing reports of a six year old girl shot.

Police say it all began when two men got into an argument that turned physical.

Children at the scene were placed into a car when the fight escalated.

Captain John Griffith of MPD says one of the men then shot into the car.

A girl inside was hit in the head with a bullet.

"We're still into the investigation initially; still putting the pieces together. It's still unfolding as we go.

As of right now there was only one person shooting that we are aware of right now. That's what the evidence is leading towards right now. We do not have him in custody yet; we are still looking for him. We have the other subject that was at the house who was fighting with the other gentleman. We are getting statements from him, and talking to him."

Captain Griffith says the suspect they are searching for is Cadarious Stinner and asks if anyone knows of his whereabouts; to call the police department.

At this time the child is in critical condition.

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