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Roller Skating for Lupus Awareness

To raise lupus awareness, Breakthrough Ministries is inviting residents to night of roller skating fun at Skate Odyssey on Sunday, July 3rd. The event will shed light on the disease and those who are affected by it.

“Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects the organs. It can affect the kidneys, the lungs. Your hair can come out. It discolors your skin. It can affect anything in the inside. There are different kinds of lupus–the skin lupus [and] the one that affects the inside, SLE,” said Gloria Harris, founder of Breakthrough Ministries.

Half of the event proceeds will go towards the awareness group to help lupus patients living in Meridian.

“We don’t want it to go towards this big organization because the local people need help. We know people in particular who can’t even get their medicine because they can’t afford it. We want to be able to give them their medicine,” said Harris.

“Because there’s not a rheumatologist that studies lupus in Meridian, we want to give them gas money to go to the doctor, you know, to get checked on because you don’t want it to get out of hand because you could die from it.”

Harris, who has lupus, said she hopes the event will help people understand the importance of the disease.

“I really want people to understand that we’re struggling here just to get up every day. We look like this, but we feel on the inside horrible some days. I want people to not necessarily feel our pain. We don’t want a pity party. But we want people to understand because everybody understands breast cancer, AIDS, and all that. You need to understand lupus because it affects a lot of us as well.”

The roller skating event will be from 7 to 10 pm. Tickets are $5 for children 6 and under and $12 for everyone else.

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