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Meridian City Council Clerk Retires

After almost 29 years of service, Pam McInnis, the clerk of Meridian City Council is retiring.

“I’ve enjoyed working with everybody. I’m going to miss it. It’s going to be hard. But I think you know in your heart when it’s your time to go, and it’s my time to go,” said McInnis.

As the clerk of council, McInnis has worn many hats.

“Her role is a liaison with the city council, the administration, and with the public,” said Dr. George Thomas, city councilman for ward one.

McInnis explained what she has enjoyed most about her job, which entails representing the council, creating documents, and taking public complaints.

“I like the work. It’s legal work, and I like legal work. You just learn so much. You deal with different people. I enjoy learning about how the city is run. A lot of people don’t realize what can and can’t be done, who can or can’t do anything.”

She also shared what have been some challenges.

“I’ve had some council members that have given me a lot of stress. There’s a lot of stress when there’s difficulty between the administration and the council members. I feel it. That’s stressful. And budget is a stressful time; it’s just…you know.”

Her last day of work is June 30th, after which Jo Ann Clark will become the new clerk.

“I hope to try to do the best job that I can and make Pam proud and the council members happy,” said Clark.

McInnis said she’s excited about what lies ahead.

“I want to be lazy for a little bit. I want to do some traveling. I got projects around the house that I want to do, some little fixin’ up and remolding, and spend more time with my grandkids.”

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