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Reconciliation Celebration Week

To celebrate the memory of lives lost in the Lockheed tragedy of 2003, the Rev. Charlie J. Miller Foundation invites residents to participate in the 9th annual Reconciliation Week Celebration starting July 5th through the 9th.

On July 8, 2003, Doug Williams, an employee at Lockheed Martin, fired shots at fellow employees, injuring eight and killing six before killing himself.

“Here in Meridian we had a mass shooting, and we were able to survive and survive with purpose. We want to be an example for the community of how to bring purpose and something positive out of a situation of that sort,” said Stacey Miller, the daughter of Rev. Charlie J. Miller, who was one of the victims.

The picture the two women hold is of the late reverend. His wife, Jinnell Miller, said forgiveness helped her and her family move on after the tragedy.

“Well when one forgives it doesn’t have the same effect as it would if you haven’t forgiven.”

The family started a reconciliation week as a way to help the community unite against hate. This year’s weekly activities will include free lemonade at Dumont Plaza, a prayer breakfast, a memorial motorcycle ride, and family gatherings. Stacey Miller shared why everyone should attend.

“Meridian, like many communities, is diverse, and a lot of times when there’s diversity, we may not have a bridge to bring everyone together. So we would like to serve as a catalyst for positive change and bring people together.”

For more information about the Reconciliation Week Celebration, contact Stacey Miller at 601-616-2879.

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