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MCC to host Ministerial Alliance Tour

Meridian Community College invites all clergy members to its Ministerial Alliance Tour on August 4th at the Tommy E. Dulaney Center.

This has been the third year that MCC has hosted the tour, which has been designed to inform the community about the college’s educational programs.

“We just want our clergy in our community—youth pastors, ministers, ministers of music, anyone who’s affiliated with leadership of churches in our area—to come to us, get a light meal, and get some information on the services that we offer at our college. The main reason for that is so they can take the information to their congregation,” said Adrian Cross, a college recruiter for MCC.

She added that the college is offering something for everyone.

“Not only do we offer college courses, but we also offer continuing education classes. We have classes to get your high school equivalency degree. We have classes that can teach you how to truck drive. We have fork lift courses. We have a lot to offer here. We even have a career workshop in an area on campus where they teach you how to do resumes. You can also do a career readiness assessment.”

She explained why people should take advantage of the opportunities.

“The more education you have, the more you know, the more you grow. To know better is to do better. How can you learn when you’re trying to teach yourself? We all need to reach out and learn. You can learn from anywhere, but why not learn from a place that offers a wide variety of educational options? Education is key to success, and I do believe that. I believe it because I know it, I’m living it, and I’ve seen it.”

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