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Fireworks sales were booming over the July 4th holiday

After eating a hefty meal of BBQ, people typically end their 4th of July celebrations with fireworks, and this past holiday weekend, fireworks sellers in Marion said business was booming.

“Sales have been great here lately; especially yesterday we saw a huge turnout," said Jeff Tate, the owner of Tate’s Fireworks.

“It’s been really good. It’s doubled almost every day since Friday. It was slow in the beginning like every season, but it’s always good on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th,” said Bobby Lee, a seller of the Hell Fireworks company.

By midday yesterday, Tate's Fireworks was a madhouse, with people shopping for last minute fireworks. Tate said the boost in business was due to pleasant weather conditions.

“When weather is dry, sometimes people are concerned about maybe catching your yard on fire. Luckily we got saturated here about a week ago, so we don’t have to worry about that. And we don’t have to worry about rain."

He added that fireworks make the biggest sales when the weather is good during the July 4th weekend since fireworks are sold seasonally.

“In the State of Mississippi, there’s actually laws that prohibit the sale of fireworks outside of certain windows. We couldn’t open until June 15th, and July 5th at midnight, we’ll have to close down until December, when we can open back up for the New Year’s and Christmas holidays."

Though in meantime, Tate said his business was ready to meet customer demand.

“So far we’ve seen a great turnout, and we have our doors open all day today. We’re not shutting down until the people stop coming."

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