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Meridian Police Still Searching for Bank Robbery Suspect

Meridian police say they are still searching for the man who attempted to rob the Meridian Mutual Federal Credit Union Wednesday.

“Around 9:20 in the morning, a black male entered the credit union with a bandana covering his face. He had a handgun on him. It was a pellet gun, but it was one of those that looked like a real gun,” said Captain John Griffith of the Meridian Police Department

The CEO of the credit union, Debbie Smith, said the man approached one of the employees and demanded money.

“He entered through our normal procedure, you know, when you come in. He came in and approached one of my employees, wanted to go to the vault. She did not have a key; they were not able to enter the vault. Then he fled the scene.”

Police, who were notified during the attempted robbery, said the man shot the pellet gun a few times before escaping in a black SUV. They said no one was hurt.

After the incident, the credit union closed down for the rest of the day and opened up again yesterday morning.

Griffith said police found the escape vehicle abandoned in a driveway.

“Officers recovered the black SUV that was used. It didn’t have a tag on it. After we found it, nobody was in it. It had actually been stolen here inside Meridian.”

He said police are still investigating and examining the evidence.

“We did have some evidence there on scene that we did recover that we’ll send to the crime lab to see if we can get any prints. We processed the SUV yesterday evening, and we were able to get some prints off that. We’ll send that to the crime lab also and see what we get back.”

The Meridian Police Department is asking anyone who may have information about the attempted robbery to call Crime Stoppers at 855 – 485 – TIPS.

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