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Meridian Police Search for Suspects in Gang-Related Aggravated Assault

Meridian police are looking for three suspects who they say were involved in a gang-related aggravated assault. Video has been released of the possible incident.

“It shows a 16-year-old black male being kicked in the head and hit in the face by white males in the video,” said Captain John Griffith of the Meridian Police Department.

Police say 34-year-old Kyle Green and 18-year-old Kolbie Sheffield—who are pictured on the left and right—and 25-year-old Cody Green were seen assaulting a teen in a video posted on social media.

Police say the incident happened in March, but the video surfaced a few days ago. They add that the suspects may face local and federal charges.

“We also reached out and notified the FBI of the incident. The reason why is because during the video they were using racial slurs. They were calling the victim the n-word. When you look at civil rights violations and hate crimes, that’s all a federal charge,” said Griffith.

Police ask that if you have any information to call Crime Stoppers at 855-485-tips.

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