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Triathletes to Compete in Sunfish Triathlon

Hundreds of triathletes—swimmers, bikers, and runners—are gearing up for the 30th annual Sunfish Triathlon this morning at Bonita Lakes.

“They’ll be swimming in Bonita Lakes. We’ll be setting the buoys later today. This is our bike transition area where we’re standing. They’ll run out in the park here,” said Lora Kennedy, the event’s race director, during an interview yesterday.

Sponsored by the Meridian Athletic Association, the event will kick off at 7 am. Triathletes will compete in a 1/3-mile swim, an 18-mile bike ride, and a 5k run.

Kennedy said the route can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours to complete. Over 300 triathletes are expected to compete, most of whom are from out-of-state.

“Last night I was trying to get a room for our race director, and all the hotels were booked. I finally found one, so that’s good to know that we’re bringing that many people to Meridian,” said Kennedy.

The race will feature a special guest known to win titles.

“This year our guest racer is Clay Emge. He’s from Tyler, Texas. He won Ironman Boulder last year. He just won 70.3 Ironman, so we’re happy to have him. We have a lot of good racers that come to this race because it’s so well organized and we have a good venue here at Bonita,” said Kennedy.

Race registration ended yesterday evening. Residents are welcome to go and watch the event.

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