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Meridian native produces short film

College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia working on his master’s degree. While there, Harman wrote a screenplay – a story that is now in the final stages of production.

“It’s actually a long short. The idea is this is a proof of concept. For the amount of money, we spent on it, you would certainly think we spent a lot more, which is the goal. Let’s go out and make something that looks really awesome and feels really awesome. That way when we want to make something larger like a feature we can acquire that financial backing a lot easier,”

Starting with a short is a concept picked up in school according to Harman.

“They have a strong emphasis on short work and creating a portfolio, leveraging a portfolio for long works essentially. So, we decided to go that route,”

Harman says the short film goes by the title. “Theme Park” and says that the project was a collaborative effort.

“We got together and decided that our first film would be a collaborative effort; we were all going to come up with a story, then I would take that story and go write it. We decided on this story about a guy who owns a theme park that is not successful but he was still holding onto it. That’s the heart of it,”

Harman says the next step will be to submit to film festivals in the coming months.

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