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Ray Boswell remembered

Former Lauderdale county supervisor Ray Boswell passed away.

Today, a few of his former colleagues shared their thoughts about Boswell’s time in government.

"While he and I often disagreed, sometimes in the public, he believed he was doing what was best for his district. You can't take that away from him. I truly believe between he and I we improved the viewers in print and television media," Sheriff Billy Sollie said.

"When I was first elected, Mr. Boswell was the board president. When it comes to being a supervisor he was one of a kind. He wasn't one to mince words; if he thought you were wrong about something he was going to let you know about it. I was probably one of the lucky ones to never have a cross word with him, but he was one that fought for his people. There are a lot of loyal Ray Boswell people put there,” Jeff Tate said,

"He knew how to separate the wants from the needs. He was a person you could call on; and if you were in trouble he was always there to lend a hand," Wayman Newell said.

Boswell died last night due to heart complications according to the county coroner.

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