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Local Pastors Unite in Social Justice Activism

In response to recent police shootings around the country, local pastors are working together to end racial tension and violence through faith.

“We want our community to be a place where people know that, yes, the clergy is concerned. We can be better than what we are,” said Rev. Gary Houston, who is organizing the effort.

The pastors met today in the fellowship hall of St. Paul United Methodist Church to discuss how clergy members can help stop the turmoil.

“What happened in Orlando, what happened in Dallas, what happened in Baton Rouge, what happened even locally…we’ve said to each other, listen we know the answer, and the Bible answer is Christ Jesus. To quench that message is not what god wants us to do. It’s time for us to put that message of hope and healing and community back out there. Above all, we got to hold up the banner of righteousness because when hearts are changed, our community will be changed,” said Houston.

He explained what local pastors have decided to do to bring about change.

“We’re going to have a community forum; we plan to do that at the end of the month. We’re going to have monthly fellowships among pastors. Then we’re going to put out PSAs in all parts of the media to say that we need to support our local police, we need to support one another, we need to have a stronger community. Then we’re going to also have a weekly prayer call session, where any person in the community can call, and one pastor will lead them in prayer.”

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