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BEEP program hosting open houses for early childhood education

The Best Early Education Practices program, also known as the BEEP program, at Meridian Community College is hosting open house sessions that will help prepare parents and their children for kindergarten.

“This is designed to support parents and children to get ready for kindergarten that aren’t ordinarily going to a child care center, or it’s before the head start experience or the pre-k experience,” said Win Maxey-Shumate, a coordinator and instructor for the program.

The program will teach parents how to assist their children in gaining the skills they will need for kindergarten.

“They range from everything, from social skills, to being on time, to learning group etiquette,” said Maxey-Shumate.

The open house sessions are free and will be held next week at Meridian housing developments.

“On Monday we will be in Reese Court, Magnolia Court, and Sowashee Courts. On Tuesday, Frank Berry and Highland Child Development Center, and Western Gardens on Wednesday, and Eastern Gardens on Thursday,” said Maxey-Shumate.

Maxey-Shumate encourages any parent to attend. She explained why childhood education prior to kindergarten is so important.

“Children start learning early, so we need to plant the seeds of learning and confidence and being ready. When you enter the kindergarten experience, you need to know your name, you need to have social skills, you need to be able to recognize some of your numbers and letters and letter sounds. So it’s not just a play period, although they’ll learn that in kindergarten, you need to be ready before kindergarten because it’s a big deal going to formal school.”

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