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Neshoba County Fair in full swing

The Neshoba County Fair is underway and thousands of guests are either passing through or enjoying an extended stay.

“We come every year. I have never missed a fair in my entire life,” said Lauren Marshall.

There’s something for everyone.

“[I’m] having fun playing with friends,” said Mamie Marshall.

“We have our fair family, being with the ones that we have been beside all these years. Other than seeing them, we love the entertainment and like the arts and crafts show. The gospel singing last night was great,” said Donna Tucker.

There’s also lots of good food.

“These little chocolate brownies with chopped brown chocolate on top,” said Hallie Marshall as she described her favorite fair treat.

“I got some chicken on a stick. I’ve never heard of it before, but apparently it’s a really big famous thing to have here. It was really good,” said Anna Despeaux.

The Neshoba County Fair started 127 years ago as a way for local farmers to showcase their products.

“We still today, 127 years later, do the same thing. We have an exhibit hall where they put their farm products out. We have the animals. We have the cattle shows. We have the sheep goat shows. We still try to keep in place some of the original things that those people started for their farms,” said Gilbert Donald, president of Neshoba County Fair.

In addition to the horse races, rodeo, and beauty pageant, this year’s fair will feature a special guest.

“Tomorrow afternoon the plans are as of this minute that Donald Trump Jr. will be coming into the fairgrounds somewhere between 3 and 4 ‘o clock tomorrow afternoon,” said Donald.

The fair kicked off last Friday and ends this Friday. Thursday night, all carnival rides will be free.


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