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Lowe’s grant funds high school kitchen classroom renovation

Enterprise High School students can now learn how to cook in a 21st century kitchen classroom. Due to a grant from Lowe’s, the kitchen for the school’s Family and Consumer Science class has a brand new look.

“We were working with a very outdated kitchen. It was stuck in the 1970s. The plumbing really wasn’t working very well. We were very limited on space," said Amy Minor, who teaches the class.

Enterprise High School received a $25,000 toolbox for education grant from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation.

“Nowadays schools and communities struggle with the money they need to be able to do what they want to do to provide better facilities and things for the students in the school. So Lowe’s looks at that, looks at what their needs are, and then based on that, gives them a certain amount of money. To be able to give back, that’s the biggest thing. We want to give back and make education for kids better overall,” said Jason Walker, the store manager of the Lowe’s in Meridian.

Minor had applied for the grant online. Today community members and Lowe’s employees installed the kitchen renovations.

“We have new cabinets that we’ve put in, new appliances that we’re installing. They’re also taking down all the old ceiling tile. A lot of it had been here for a long time, so we’re replacing it and putting in new ceiling tile. There is some additional work that’s going to be done with the flooring, and some plumbing and electrical work that we’ll have to do,” said Walker.

Minor said she’s excited about the new kitchen and believes her students will have fun cooking in it.

“We have learned anything from appetizers to desserts. We’ve learned how to grill before. We’ve learned how to cook casseroles.”

She explained why it’s necessary to teach students how to cook.

“It’s a life skill. One day they’re going to be cooking for themselves when they’re away at college. They’re going to be cooking for their families when they get married. So it’s something that’ needed.”

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