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Drive Sober of Get Pulled Over campaign kicks off

According to Meridian Police Department, roughly 300 to 400 DUIs each year in the Meridian area.

To prevent drunk driving, local law enforcement officials have launched the Drive Sober of Get Pulled Over campaign.

“We believe that the combination of the education through the media and the strong enforcement has reduced the number of DUI fatalities as well as those persons who are injured,” said Lauderdale County Sheriff Billie Sollie.

The campaign just isn’t in Meridian. Law enforcement are taking a stand across the state as we get closer to our Labor Day weekend. Officials say it is one of the worst weekends for DUI-related


“Death related accidents involving impaired drivers, whether it’s the impaired driver that passes away or gets killed in that wreck, or if its somebody else. Probably the majority of what we see is where the impaired driver gets killed in the wreck,” said Captain John Griffith of the Meridian Police Department.

Officers want to remind you that it is okay to have fun. But if you choose to drink, make sure you

have a designated driver because they will be watching.

“We put extra officers out on the road to work traffic, looking for a DUI, running check points and safety check points just to get drunk drivers off the street and make the streets safer,” said Griffith.

Or keep you out of jail or from hurting yourself or someone else.

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