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Clarkdale High School scores high on English ACT

State ACT scores are back, and Clarkdale High School ranked 5th among high schools with the top English ACT scores.

“I would like to say just how proud I am that my students worked so hard. They really just outdid themselves. I’m really proud,” said Leigh Ann Smith, who teaches all juniors.

Fifty-four juniors took the test in April and scored an average of 22.3.

“The only schools in the state that beat us were the Mississippi School for Math and Science, Mississippi School for the Arts, Oxford High School, and Madison Central High School. We’re a small school and to be able to compete with them, I think is a great testament to the great teachers that we have here on our campus,” said Ken Hardy, the principal.

Smith said her students prepared for the test the entire school year.

“We did lots of practice with the ACT. So, every day just about, we would start with the ACT. We would go over it and talk about what was right, what was wrong, and the students almost had a competition, I think, to see who could get none wrong that day.”

Hardy explained how doing well on the ACT can lead to future opportunities.

“We have students that going into their ninth grade year have an idea of what they want to do whenever they graduate from here. They want to go on to Ole Miss or Mississippi State or some other college out-of-state. They know that making a good ACT score is paramount to getting into those schools and getting financial assistance at those schools.”

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