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To prepare for Labor Day, MCC hosts blood drive

Today at Meridian Community College, there was a constant line to donate blood.

“It’s a good start to our semester because our students are really interested in coming out and donating. We get a lot of our faculty and staff involved as well. It’s really just a time for students to come out and contribute to the community, and let our faculty and staff contribute as well,” said

Patrick Lovette, the campus life coordinator at MCC.

One by one, students and staff filed onto the United Blood Services mobile unit to help save lives.

“The compatibility of everybody is different, so the more that people donate, the more that we can help,” said Kristen Lewis, an MCC student.

The nation is facing a major blood shortage. Ayanna Washington and Keosha Amos, two MCC nursing students, explained that blood is needed more than ever before.

“Trauma, anemia, burns. Sometimes labor and delivery, or any type of blood loss. With any type of blood loss, you need some blood to get you back on board.”

Lovette said the college hosted the blood drive as a way to kick off Labor Day weekend.

“There’s a lot of people on the road, and there’s a chance of people having accidents. There could be a need for blood at this time. It’s a great time to donate at any time, but especially right before the holidays. We’re glad that our students are doing this.”

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