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Prosecutors crack down on illegal “spice”

The sale of synthetic marijuana, commonly known as spice, is on the rise in Meridian and surrounding areas. The substance is illegal, and prosecutors want the public to know that selling it will not be tolerated.

“I just wish that those people who have been selling this stuff would wise up and not put us to trial like this. Just quit doing it and follow the law,” said Philip Weinberg, an assistant district attorney for Lauderdale County.

That goes for convenient stores who may also be selling the substance.

“People in retail businesses who are dealing with products that are consumable, they need to know what they’re selling. And they need to know that if it’s illegal that they can’t sell it,” said Weinberg.

Yesterday, Weinberg prosecuted a case in which a man was found guilty of selling spice to an East Mississippi Drug Task Force informant.

“The informant brings the $200 that he got from the task force, actually he had $300. It was supposed to be a marijuana buy, and instead the guy shows up with spice and sells him $200 worth of that. It was a tiny bag. I think it was 7.980 grams,” said Weinberg.

Prosecutors hope this conviction will reinforce the message that spice is not to be sold…or used.

“People are going out and buying it because of its hallucinogenic effects, which is why it was outlawed, because of the effects that it has, similar to that of marijuana and sometimes even more exaggerated than the effects of marijuana,” said Weinberg.

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