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Local volunteers thank first responders

Two days before the anniversary of 9/11, first responders in Meridian received a special treat.Yesterday, volunteers with the RSVP Retired Senior Volunteer Program donated baked goods to first responders.

“We tried delivering goodies to the policeman, the sheriff’s department, the fire department, ambulance services, and anyone else who work with people who are in trouble or need help,” said

Robert Glazar, a board member and volunteer with RSVP.

Volunteers donated boxes of cakes, pies, and cookies as a way to thank first responders for the tough jobs they do every day.

“I think oftentimes, especially like the police and the sheriff’s department, sometimes they don’t get recognized or thanked for what they do, certainly not on the spot,” said Glazar.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department was grateful for the support.

“We want to thank the community, in particular RSVP, for bringing these goodies to us today. we all remember 9/11 and what this country has done to rebuild itself. We’re truly excited about the opportunity to serve this community and have this community acknowledge our service,” said LCSD Sheriff Billy Sollie.

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