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Nfusion X to host suicide awareness seminar

Nfusion X, a youth center in Meridian, is on the quest to raise awareness about suicide and recovery.

“A lot of youth and a lot of people have suicide ideations. If they have that thought, then sometimes they try to carry that out,” said Dr. Ceatrice Kelly, the center’s regional project coordinator.

The youth center is hosting a seminar on Monday at the Tommy E. Dulaney center to discuss how to help those contemplating suicide.

“They may know of a person that they can confide in, but they don’t know how to share that with someone else. I think that if more people are aware that this kind of thought is going on in a person’s mind, then more people can reach out and help,” said Kelly.

It will also feature guest speaker Kevin Hines, a suicide survivor.

“He is a mental health advocate. He likes spreading the word about how he jumped off this bridge, not knowing that that was a final thing. The minute he jumped off he knew he was in trouble, so he’s wanting to share his story.”

Kelly invites everyone to attend.

"It’s free and open to the public. MCC is offering some CEUs. Pre-registration is required. So we’re welcoming anyone that wants to come,” said Kelly."

The event will start at 6 p.m.

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