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Teachers undergo active shooter response training

Yesterday teachers at Northeast Lauderdale High School learned a potentially life-saving lesson—how to respond to active shooter situations.

“Over the last couple of decades, mass shootings have been brought to the forefront, and everybody relies on the police more and more. Well, now we’re coming to the point where we need the civilians to react,” said Steve Windish, the assistant chief of police of the East Mississippi Community College Police Department.

To respond to an active shooter, teachers were taught the acronym ADD, which stands for Avoid, Deny, Defend.

“You want to avoid anybody coming in, a shooter. If you cannot avoid them, we want to deny them access to you. Do certain things like lock the door, barricade the door, do what you can do to deny them access to you. If you cannot deny them access to you, your last stance will be to defend yourself,” said Windish.

He explained that teachers should use items in the classroom for defense.

“If you can take out that perpetrator’s vision, you have an edge up. Take the fire extinguisher, spray them. If you have to hit them with it, hit them with it. There’s other things that teachers have…glass cleaner, some kind of aerosol spray, anything to take out the eyes. A great thing they’re using now is a flashlight. If you buy a little flashlight and have it on strobe, put it to the side and stand away from it, then when they walk in the door, they look at the strobe. Then you can hit them.”

He added that knowing what to do before emergencies occur is critical.

“This could happen anywhere at any place at any time. A little small town is all of a sudden on the map. Back in 1999 when Columbine hit, people didn’t know or understand what to do. Now this training will hopefully help them understand that, hey if I hear this, I need to start doing this.”

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