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Restaurants remember and support Noël Nichols Beaudoin

Squealer’s BBQ and Dobi’s Ragin’ Cajun are joining together to celebrate the life of Noël Nichols Beaudoin. Last Friday she lost her battle with cystic fibrosis. She was only 24 years old.

“She was an inspiration to almost anyone she ever met. She was just a lovely child and a lovely young adult. She was recently married last December,” said Willis “Dobi” Melancon, owner and manager of Dobi’s Ragin’ Cajun.

Her wake and funeral services were held yesterday morning at the Episcopal Church of the Mediator.

Both restaurants donated a portion of their proceeds to support Noël’s family and her cause.

“The Nichols family have fought this battle of cystic fibrosis for their daughter, Noël, since she was about 3 years old. She’s been in and out of hospitals. A little over two years ago we had another fundraiser. It helped them out financially. She had a lung transplant,” said Teresa Cranmore,

owner of Squealer’s BBQ.

Last night, each place also held live entertainment and raffles and took donations from guests.

“Curtis Shumate will be our featured artist. He’s bringing several musicians to do guest spots with him throughout the night,” said Melancon.

“It’ll just be a variety of musicians, and it’s all kind of music. There’s going to be so many people here, we’re really looking forward to the event,” said Cranmore.

She is asking the community to keep Noel’s family in their prayers.

“To help them get through this. I know this is such a hard time. It’s something I can’t imagine, losing a child. It’s something you should never have to do. She had such a full spirit. She was so full of life. She wanted to live, although I know she was ready to be with her Lord.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation can call or stop by Squealer’s BBQ restaurant.

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